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My Journey

My Journey


"The most unique bit about his paintings is that he builds it around a ray of light"

Deccan Chronicle

"Prabal Mallick's perspective of Bengaluru are spontaneous and personal"

The Hindu

"Prabal Mallick's paintings carry the viewer to a simple and innocent world"


Prabal Mallick painting en plein air         I was born as the eldest child to my parents in 1980 in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. As a child I would wait for those Wednesday nights, when my mother would imprint beautiful patterns on the floor using a very dilute rice paste for Lakshmi Puja. And every time I would be amazed at them. I would observe them till they dried and became absolutely white & bright creating magic against the dark floor. Likewise I would be amazed at such little things like the dark silhouette of a dead tree against the setting sun or the reflection of the tree in a pond or the ripples on the surface of the water that would make the reflection dance. Perhaps that led my father to introduce me to the fascinating world of brush and color or maybe I was drawing too much on the walls and floors. Soon enough I was creating my own tree and its dancing reflections on paper.

        In 1992 I went to RIMC in Doon valley for schooling as a boarder. At RIMC I was introduced to oil colors. With great guidance from my teachers and support of the staff, I continued to learn and explore. Periodic participation in local art competitions and winning prizes sometimes helped me to get even more support and encouragement from all quarters. Life took a U-turn when I went to IIT, Kharagpur to get educated as an engineer. It was a very new world for me and while I explored that world, new interests developed and were pursued and painting was almost forgotten.

        I moved to Bangalore in 2003 and resumed painting in oils while I was working as an engineer. But somehow the drive to paint was not so strong. Those days I was playing drums in a band and during one of the random band discussions, I came across watercolour paintings of modern masters. Out of which I was most inspired by the works of Mr Milind Mulick. Destiny played its part. I was amazed all over again. The spark was reignited. In no time I was playing with colors again but this time it was watercolor.

        I kept learning from books, videos and other artists I met in person & in the blogosphere as they call it. But a significant shift happened when I joined Pencil Jammers, a sketching club in Bangalore. I started painting outdoors with other passionate artists, sharing my knowledge with them and getting much more in return. Most importantly I started discovering the joys of painting en plein air. During this time I also started taking classes and workshops and being an instructor actually helped me learn even more.

        I was finally back home, where I belonged; In my world of amazement and wonder. Here as I continue to explore, learn and create I work towards becoming a better artist. Meanwhile if my works touch people in any way and inspire them, then I guess I would have succeeded in this journey I have embarked upon.

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