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Studio Gamboge



A gum resin produced by various East Asian trees, used as a yellow pigment and in medicine as a purgative.

Yellow in Indian is the color of knowledge, learning, peace, meditation, happiness, competence and mental development.

Studio Gamboge

Studio Gamboge is my dream space. Its a place for me to reflect and create. Its a place where I can get completely isolated from rest of the world and be immersed in my art. Its my studio. But its just not my studio. Its a creative space and a learning center designed also to spread the joy of art. Spread over 1600 sq ft in a quiet corner of smart city Bhubaneswar, it has open and indoor class rooms, art library, a beautifully done up terrace, a roof top garden, a kitchen and last but not the least my studio.

The ordinary every-man has been isolated from art and hence from intrinsic happiness. He has been isolated from simple yet powerful joy of creation that brings about a very positive impact to an individual and the society. There are other artist friends of mine who strongly feel the same way. Together we want to bring about a positive change in society through visual art. We are studio Gamboge and our vision and mission is

"To integrate visual arts into everyday urban lives to enable people to experience the joy of creativity, develop a fresh perspective of the world and thus improve the quality of their lives."

We think we can achieve this dream by spreading awareness about and promote a culture of art by having art classes and workshops without the snobbery of art schools, family and group art activities, street art shows and open studio sessions in which anyone can just come and paint and many more of such activities.

The success of the journey that we have embarked upon will depend heavily on the support from each and every individual. We would love to have you join the revolution.

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