IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Chapter V

Head or the Heart? 27 July 2017, Day 5 of the shoot Painting at night under outdoor lighting is an exercise in self belief. The outdoor light makes all colors look almost same. It is difficult to gauge even the tonality of the paint. In a nut shell, the visual feedback from the painting is almost gone. So you have to get a feel of how paint flows on paper and trust your instinct and go ahead with painting. Painting today evening at Vegies was no different. Also read the Prologue , Chapter I , Chapter II, Chapter III and Chapter IV of … Continue reading “IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Chapter V”

IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Prologue

02 May 2017, Day of Trial Shoot “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – The Alchemist May be this is really how it works after all! I can’t say for sure, and only time will tell;but till now there have been enough indications to prove it; and I am slowly turning into a believer. As a plein air painter and a KGPian, I have always wanted to come back and capture the different moods of our campus in real time on canvas. I probably started thinking about it more than seven … Continue reading “IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Prologue”