IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Chapter VI

The Insignificant One 29 July 2017, Day 6 of the shoot When sun comes out after continuous rains of almost a week, it really does look bright and glorious.  The light looks fresh and the greenery even fresher. Which is how it was today morning -the lush green Jnan Ghosh stadium washed in the ochre light of the sun was a stunner. And when nature is at its best you know who the only real artist is. Also read the Prologue , Chapter I , Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV and  Chapter V of IITKGPEPA Diary! As I approached Jnan Ghosh stadium today … Continue reading “IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Chapter VI”

IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Chapter IV

A long due wish fulfilled 26 July 2017, Day 4 of the shoot The Canteen at Nehru Museum, popularly known as “Kali Da’s”, was not on my list of places to paint; because it never existed twenty years earlier.  But when I happened to be there just five days earlier, I really did not have to think about it twice. I knew I had to paint this place. Also read the Prologue , Chapter I , Chapter II and Chapter III of IITKGPEPA Diary! Kali Da’s is that kind of a place that transports you back in time. It slows you down completely. … Continue reading “IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Chapter IV”

IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Chapter III

Saying a Prayer 25 July 2017, Day 3 of the shoot It had been two days since our last shoot and the rain God has not been benevolent. To be fair, He had been kind for some time and we had shot at Harry’s yesterday under a light drizzle and fading light. But there was a goof up. The footage had gotten deleted by mistake. These were not good signs. Hence, I had prayed really hard this morning, and guess what -it was answered! Also read the Prologue , Chapter I and Chapter II of IITKGPEPA Diary! In the afternoon I saw sun’s … Continue reading “IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Chapter III”

Watercolor Workshop for School Children at Ahmednagar

I have always conducted watercolor workshops for adults only. Well, there have been  young people in my workshops before. But never below the age of 15. I don’t believe in ‘teaching’ art to kids. I think when you teach art to children you take away their imagination and originality. So my workshop for children always has been more exploration and fun oriented. I don’t stick to a particular painting medium when conducting workshop for children. It more dynamic and fluid in terms of mediums. But in February this year, for the very first time I conducted a watercolor workshop for … Continue reading “Watercolor Workshop for School Children at Ahmednagar”

Updates on IIT KGP En Plein Air Project

On 21st July 2017 when I set out to IIT Kharagpur for En Plein Air project I realized was not travelling alone. I was travelling with the wishes as well as expectations of a large community of IIT-KGPians. There were different facets of KGP life that each of them wanted to see through my paintings. I must admit it did make me little nervous. The other realization was, I was not going there just for IIT-KGP En Plein Air project. There were a few of my contemporaries who wanted to relive their KGP times through me. And I have been unfair to … Continue reading “Updates on IIT KGP En Plein Air Project”

What does the word artist mean… to me

There are a few standard ways in which the word ‘artist’ is used. Some people use it to refer to a profession. So if someone is a doctor by profession and at the same time is an amateur but passionate painter he cant be called an artist! Some people refer to a person with a talent in any of the arts field as an artist. For example anyone who sings or paints or dances automatically is called as an artist. So is being an artist is about being in a particular profession or having a particular talent? My answer is … Continue reading “What does the word artist mean… to me”