IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Epilogue

Epilogue 27 April, 2018 I saw a dream. And in just over a year’s time it has come to be fulfilled. I thought on this day I’ll be the happiest person on earth. But today I don’t really feel happy or thrilled. On the contrary for some unknown reasons I feel heaviness engulfing in my heart. Also read the Prologue , Chapter I , Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV,  Chapter V, Chapter VI and Chapter VII of IITKGPEPA Diary! After the shoot of the film ended on a high, the journey of IITKGPEPA project went on a downward spiral until last month. The first editor … Continue reading “IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Epilogue”

IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Chapter VII

Sin and Redemption 29 July 2017, Day 6 of the shoot After the Jnan Ghosh shoot we pushed on to Harrys’ (now called Tikkas’). The footage of earlier shoot at Harry’s had gotten deleted by mistake. Hence we were back today to shoot there again. No one really likes it when such accidents happen. I was also disappointed albeit momentarily. My first painting at Harry’s had not gone off well. It was a little overworked and I was not happy with it at all. It kept troubling me until I heard the news about the footage. After the initial shock … Continue reading “IIT KGP En Plein Air Diary – Chapter VII”

Updates on IIT KGP En Plein Air Project

On 21st July 2017 when I set out to IIT Kharagpur for En Plein Air project I realized was not travelling alone. I was travelling with the wishes as well as expectations of a large community of IIT-KGPians. There were different facets of KGP life that each of them wanted to see through my paintings. I must admit it did make me little nervous. The other realization was, I was not going there just for IIT-KGP En Plein Air project. There were a few of my contemporaries who wanted to relive their KGP times through me. And I have been unfair to … Continue reading “Updates on IIT KGP En Plein Air Project”